Winemaking in Queensland's premier wine growing regionOur dedicated winemaker oversees productionQuality wines made every yearHandpicked and handcrafted for the finest quality

The Art of Wine Making

Mason Wines wish to produce the best possible wine in each variety each year. We are not interested in producing a small amount of wine at the top end and the rest of mediocre quality.

We believe you are the true arbitrator of good wine. Different people like different wines and although wine medals and comments made by wine critics may provide guidance, ultimately it is your opinion that is all important to us.

Mason Wines operates a state of the art winery which was completed in 2009. It has temperature and humidity control of the wine storage areas and barrel rooms and allows Mason Wines to closely control the wine quality.

The winery presently has a production capacity of approximately 200 tonnes, but it is anticipated that in future years, the winery may increase its' production capacity. The winery and Mason Wines cellar door and café have provided jobs in the Stanthorpe area, contributing to the Queensland economy and the further promotion of Queensland wines.